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  Vision Guided Robotic Automation

Edehege believe in further propelling the converting industries towards value-added roles such as quality control (Inspection) and sub-assembly (material onto rigid parts).

The only way to achieve long term value-add in the business is to automate and minimise manual intervention.

The Return On Investment (ROI) is getting shorter as the cost of system fabrication is decreasing (commonised) and the costs of labour and floor space are increasing at a alarming rate.

Since these are robotic based system, switching of daily job scope is quick and easy, thanks to its 80% software and 20% hardware dependant nature.

Such automated system could free up more than 70% of manual reliance in the production environment.

Robotic systems are no more a financial burden or a technological white elephant as most people would simply thought in the past.

It is a user-friendly, highly job adaptive and affordable means for business owners to achieve long term success with productivity and profitability.

1. Efficient & Effective
2. Consistent in quality
3. Beats any hard working staffs & extremely loyal!
4. Small footprint, saves production floor space.
5. Reduce manual reliance by 70% or more.
6. Quick switch in job scope & deployment.
7. Attractive ROI.8. Long term asset.

Adhesive-Tape-Assy-System Duplex-Assy-System MR-1-Multipurpose-Robot