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  Super Low Noise Air Compressor

Scroll Air Compressor


  • Highest volumetric efficiency among all compressor designs
  • High efficiency means high energy-saving
  • Simple and compact structure
  • Light weight
  • Few moving components means less friction or wear and tear
  • Very low in vibration and noise
  • Seamless air compression and transmission design, very quiet
  • Using meshing construction, without air valve and blocking noise level can be reduced to below
    60 dB.
  • Easy to operate & service
  • Very low maintenance cost

Scroll air compressor is regarded as the latest and the most advanced compressor that has been accepted by pneumatic experts around the world. It has earned the reputation of "Maintenance-free Air Compressor "and " Compressor Revolution".

A) In the view of working principle, the scrolls in compressor pump have no friction, thus no abrasion. Adopting complicated and hight-precision numeral control technology, It is the best power and air source to many kinds of pneumatic tools and machine. It is also the best type of air power compressor under 50HP and known by users throughout the world as user-friendly products characterized by high performance and extreme durability.

B) In the view of the running performance, the scroll compressor meets requirements from customer very well, such as energy conservation, environmental protection.

Higher Reliability

The scroll compressor pump has a small quantity of components, it is 1/8 of those that a piston compressor requires. The large reduction of components is the key-factor to improve the reliability.

With a small radius of gyration, the linear-speed of scroll is less than 2m/s. Thus it is hard to be abraded that the scrolls are long life and provide a high mechanical efficiency while pump is running.

Lower Noise and Vibration

Compared with piston and screw compressor, the scroll compressor makes the lowest noise of only 50dB. Without suction valve and outlet valve, there is no piston or vavle slap and pop sound, which sharply reduces the noise. With continuous & stable status of air-out and air-in, the vibration is also very limited, as well as the environmental performance.

Lowest Energy Consumption

Because of the pressurization effect of suction and surplus volume, the energy consumption is the lowest among the 3 style-generations of compressor(Piston, Screw, Scroll). The scroll compressor can make the volumetric efficiency of more than 99%, which is in the highest level, the screw compressor has the lowest volumetric efficiency.

Being compressed progressively by several working cavity, the pressure differences between the cavity are very small. In that case, leaking is hardly possible.

Without suction valve and gas outlet valve, the resistance loss is almost zero. This is the main reason why the scroll compressor can make a huge economization on energy compared with other style compressors.

Lower Cost of Maintenance

The pump with novel structure has a small quantity of components. Without any components contact, it is precise and hard to be abrased.

The frequency of component replacement is longer, that requires smaller quantity of component replacement and also reduces the possibility of damage.

Small occupancy area shows the possibility to install easy and reduces more costs of pipeline material, installation and management.

With a scroll linear-speed of less than 2m/s, the fault rate is extremely low and the compressor works smoothly and stabely.

Although only few countries has the technology of scroll air compressor, China's research and production are quite mature on the

technology. Meanwhile, we have overall models of scroll air compressor, which is the best choice to replace piston and screw style compressors.

Compressor-Graph-Efficiency Compressor-Graph-Noise
ESC-011 ESC-400