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As a complete solution provider, Edehege is capable of consulting, supplying, servicing and upgrading of converting machineries and robotic automation systems.

Converting begins from roll or sheet materials to semi-finish assembled parts for compact hand held devices, Edehege has the complete series of machines to get the job done.

Adding to the complete solution, Edehege promotes effective and efficient improvement equipments such as the HIMECS Roll Picker and the Super Low Noise Scroll Air Compressor.

  Precision Machineries

  High-Speed Precision Die-Cut Machines

High Speed Precision Flat-bed Die-Cut Machines

Precision die-cut technology has achieved higher production speed by means of roll form feeding and adaptive to wide range of die-tools.

Unlike conventional machines, it is very easy to operate, quick die change, compact in size and very quiet with low vibration.

Edehege has upgraded and redesigned most parts of the Chinese-origin machines to suit the locality and safety requirements

in the Southern-Asian regions. These machines could achieve 144,000 impressions per 8 hour shift, making it a formidable equipment in the converting industry.

The upgraded designs ensure the following advantages:

1. Easy to learn, user-friendly.
2. Easy to operate, simple and direct system controls.
3. Versatile to operate as stand-alone ot with other machines in continuous line formation.
4. Easy to troubleshoot.
5. Very low maintenance and servicing required.
6. Durable and reliable


ADX-2018A, ADX-3000 & ADX-5000 High Speed Precision Die-Cut Machines

These are our new range of very high speed machines with 300 spm and precision of less than 20 microns.

Designed to convert high volume, muliti-pass precision die-cut parts.

Perform exceptionally well with etched or engraved tools with QDC die sets.


TY2018A & TY2825A High Speed Precision Die-Cut Machines

These machines have the most functions and yet compact in size.

Most suitable for production facilty with space constraint.

Also suitable for converting jobs that require spot registration die-cut, waste removal, sheet cut, roll unwinder and rewinder functions.