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  Converting Process Materials & Tools

As a market leader in the realm of converting process materials, Edehege provides the most complete range of tapes and liners for any form of converting needs.

The most benefiting types of converting process are the multi-stage rotary die-cut machines and the in-line formation of flat-bed and lamination machines.

Any form of material will need to get converted into viable dimensions to be practically useful.

Hence, material converting process is as critical as the material science itself.

Edehege helps their customers, mostly converters, with a complete source of process materials to cater for the most demanding selection.

From adhesion to release performance and from thickness to colour preference, Edehege covers the full array of different variations.

Converting needs cutting device and die-cut tools with power presses are the most common and cost effective way to get it done.

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  Die-cut Tools

Die tool design and process consulting and supplies are extensions of the complete solution providing business of Edehege.

With in depth understanding of material characteristics and converting mechanism, Edehege is fully capable of supporting their customers (converters)

with the final piece of the puzzle, the die tools and process designs.

The objective is to facilitate their good customers with hassle-free experience when Edehege materials are used.

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